Introducing the First Medical Device Designed to Effectively and Easily Extract Blood From Surgical Sponges - Right at the Operating Room Table.


Intraoperative autotransfusion (IAT) refers to the common practice of collecting, processing and returning a patient's own blood during surgery, which would otherwise be lost, using specialized cell salvage equipment.

 The goal of IAT (cell salvage), an essential component within a hospital's overall blood conservation strategy, is to reduce the need for donor blood products during surgery, along with their associated risk, cost and supply chain issues.  

IAT is routinely used during a variety of surgical procedures where the potential for excessive blood loss exists or occurs unexpectedly.  

Recovery of blood from surgical sponges is an important first step in IAT.    However, within the high-tech and sophisticated process of IAT, the most common method to do this is hand-wringing which is decidedly low-tech and outdated.  

Hand-wringing is tedious and messy to perform and may cause splatter which is a potential occupational health hazard.

ProCell™ has an innovative and patented* design that enables standard operating room vacuum suction to provide the power supply to automate the otherwise manual methods of surgical sponge-blood extraction.  

ProCell™ effectively eliminates the need to hand-wring surgical sponges for IAT.


 As a compact, sterile and low-cost accessory to a hospital's current IAT equipment, ProCell™ can be used repeatedly during its single patient use.  It does not filter or otherwise process the blood collected.

ProCell™ provides an essential and practical advancement to this important preliminary phase of IAT.


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*ProCell™ is protected by various U.S., Canadian and international patents and patent pending applications.  Please review the patent information section of this website for more details.

Please Note: ProCell™ is only available in Canada.  It has not yet been reviewed by the FDA and is not currently available for sale in the United States.  


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